Pro-Palestine protestors gathered after their Conservative MP did not vote in favour of a Gaza ceasefire amendment in the House of Commons.

Around 50 people held signs reading ‘save Palestine and children’ and ‘ceasefire now’ in protest of Hendon MP Matthew Offord’s stance on the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

The protest took place yesterday (November 24) outside Barnet Council’s offices in Colindale.

The Hendon MP voted against an SNP amendment to the King’s Speech in House of Commons requesting a ceasefire in Gaza on November 15.

Bahir, a trade unionist who spoke at the protest, said: "We have just finished a great demo for Palestine outside the council offices.

“We were some local activists, but we were joined by a spirited and determined group of people from the local community. Some good news – to us – activists made inspiring speeches.

“A local hospital doctor talked about what it means for a medical professional to see the bombing of hospitals and the most vital and basic facilities being destroyed in Palestine.”

On November 8, Offord posted on social network X after a visit to Israel, saying that he saw “first-hand the atrocities committed by Hamas”.

He added: “This wasn’t just terrorism but a crime against humanity. I will work tirelessly to support Israel’s right to self-defence and see that those who perpetrated these crimes come to justice.”