On Thursday night, my colleague Amy and I headed to the immersive world of Phantom Peak, located on Canada Street in Canada Water.

After sitting here for five minutes, I realise that it is pretty much impossible to sum up what Phantom Peak truly is.

So, get ready for an in-depth, advanced description of the indoor theme park.

Phantom Peak is a fully immersive experience which is set in a living, breathing town inspired by steampunks and the Wild West.

Times Series:

The people living in the town are townsfolk (actors) who help you uncover clues about the town.

Think of it as a combination of a videogame, escape room and west-end production.

It’s also one of the best experiences I have ever done in London.

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We arrived for the opening ceremony at 6pm along with other adventurers ready to take on the quest.

The intricate details of the steampunk ambiance transported me to a different era, and I was mesmerised as soon as I stepped in the doors.

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We were welcomed in by the Mayor of the Peak, who hosted the opening celebrations and showed us how to set off on our own adventure by using a custom made web-app.

Soon enough, Amy and I were sent off to explore the mysteries of the town and follow our own quest.

Times Series:

Our quest centred around the Mayor and his bizarre puppet (yes, you read that right), who was sent to him by a mysterious person.

Without giving much away, secrets were revealed about the puppet and why the Mayor had a particularly strange bond with it.

The well-designed attractions throughout Phantom Peak was truly incredible and something I have never experienced before.

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The highlight of the experience was the unbelievable actors around the park, who did not break character throughout the four-hour experience, and were great fun to interactive with.

It took us around two hours to finish our first quest, as we were exploring the different areas of the park as well as following our own adventure.

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Another great addition to the park was the ‘Miramaze’ – a literal maze we had to crawl through, amongst other bizarre things.

We even had time to stop for a delicious bite to eat and enjoyed a pint in the thirsty frontier saloon – which was stacked with Wild West memorabilia.

Times Series:

At the end of the experience, a dramatic closing ceremony took place, with a special experience from Father ‘Platmas’ and a Phantom Peak style activity, culminating in a grand finale.

Times Series:

The experiences run seasonally, and has four main shows per year, each with their own storylines.

The current theme is Christmas at the Peak: The Beast of Winter, which runs all throughout December.

Phantom Peak is a captivating fusion of history, fantasy, and thrilling attractions which makes this a must-visit for enthusiasts seeking a unique and unforgettable escapade.