Situated in the picturesque suburbs of Barnet, Carlton Court Care Home stands as a beacon of exceptional person centric care, providing a haven for residents seeking comfort, security, and a vibrant community. If you are looking for a place to start the next chapter of your lives, Carlton Court is worth visiting.

Carlton Court is not just a care home; it's a sanctuary carefully designed to meet the diverse needs of the elderly. The home comes with a beautiful, landscaped garden, a private cinema, and a dedicated hair and beauty salon. The environment is meticulously planned to offer a luxurious yet homely feel, ensuring a sense of community and belonging.

Their award-winning dining experience is a testament to their commitment to exceptional care, providing delicious and nutritionally balanced meals. The culinary team, equipped with IDDSI food modification training, caters to the changing dietary requirements of residents, especially those facing challenges due to dysphagia.

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What sets Carlton Court apart is the integration of cutting-edge technology into the care services. The home take pride in being the exclusive provider in the Barnet area of the OmiVista interactive table, affectionately known as the Magic Table. This innovative addition has become a beloved centrepiece, offering moments of joy, connection, and cognitive engagement for the residents.

The Magic Table is designed to stimulate the sensory mind, featuring quizzes, music, and themed activities. It serves as a catalyst for conversations, evoking nostalgia, and supporting memory retention. Residents, including those living with dementia, benefit from therapeutic scenes and sounds inspired by nature, providing a calming effect.

In addition to the Magic Table, Carlton Court Care Home collaborates with TympaHealth to provide residents with hearing health checks, wax removal, and screening hearing tests if required. Their dedicated well-being team is available seven days a week, three to four times a day, ensuring a variety of engaging activities for residents.

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On top of all of these facilities the home recently introduced Ally, an acoustic monitoring system  in every en-suite room, enhancing resident care. Connected via WiFi to tablets, it alerts staff to calls for help, activity, coughing, or discomfort. Installed in September, live since October, already reducing falls and identifying potential issues.

The home takes pride in its resident-centric approach, providing specialised care including dementia care, palliative care, post-operative care, nursing care  and respite care, available for both short-term and long-term stays. Carlton Court has maintained an agency-free environment for several years, prioritizing resident safety and well-being.

Notably, Carlton Court imposes no restrictions on visiting hours, fostering an environment where families can enjoy unlimited, meaningful time with their loved ones. This ensures that family connections remain unrestricted, contributing to a warm and supportive atmosphere at Carlton Court. Remaining true to their aim of providing a home away from home.

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The home’s commitment extends beyond the physical well-being of their residents. They organize outings, celebrate various festivals, and host educational seminars for friends and family on topics like scam awareness, financial planning, and legal aid.

Visit Carlton Court Care Home to experience a blend of compassionate care, state-of-the-art facilities, and a warm community atmosphere. The doors are open without restrictions on visiting hours, welcoming you to explore the exceptional care and vibrant lifestyle.

If you would like to attend the any events or find out more about Carlton Court Care Home, please contact Natalie Crampton, Business Development Manager. 

Call 020 8447 4790 or email