Drivers in the UK have been issued an urgent warning by experts after the DVLA confirmed the exact date a “significant rule change” would kick in.

If we plan to get behind the wheel in more than 140 countries, including Australia and Canada, we currently need an International Driving Permit to allow us to do it legally.

Currently International Driving Permits are issued through the Post Office, however, this is changing from April 1.

From next month drivers are instead being told to pick them up from PayPoint stores.

Times Series:

Motoring experts at Swansway Motor Group said: “It's crucial for drivers to be aware of these changes.

"Plan accordingly to ensure you remain compliant with international driving laws.

"Not every country requires an International Driving Permit, but over 140 countries do.

"In key destinations like Turkey, Mexico, Canada, and Australia, being prepared with the correct type of IDP is crucial for lawful and hassle-free driving.

"Drivers need to be proactive in identifying whether their destination requires an IDP and, if so, which type."

In order to get an International Driving Permit, drivers must now visit a PayPoint store with their licence, their passport and a passport photo.

Swansway Motor Group added: “The move to PayPoint outlets for IDP distribution is a significant change.

"It is also a reminder of the importance of staying informed about driving regulations, both domestically and internationally.

"As drivers adapt to this new system, they should remain vigilant about the requirements.

"Ensure you are fully compliant before travelling."