Islington North MP Jeremy Corbyn was among those thronging to see London’s latest Banksy today.

The former Labour leader joined crowds in Hornsey Road, Finsbury Park, on the day the secretive graffiti artist claimed the piece as one of his works.

First spotted yesterday, the graffiti is unusual in that it relies in its surroundings for its effect. Made up of splashes of green paint on a whitewashed wall, it works when seen through the bare branches of a pollarded tree.

Underneath is a stencilled figure with a pressure washer, who themself seems to have been splashed by the green paint.

Mr Corbyn told PA: “I like it. It gives a good talking point, a bit of hope and an idea that we’ve got to do a bit more to care for the natural world.

“Looking at it through the pollarded tree it looks brilliant.”

The piece appeared yesterday (Sunday), with immediate speculation that it matched Banksy's style.

His office, Pest Control, confirmed it was his work this morning.

After the theft of one of his works in Peckham, south London, in December, many have pointed out that this piece is harder to steal, as it relies on the nearby tree to make sense.

The MP joined others joking that they, or he, might be the enigmatic artist.

One person also filming outside the Christie Court flats said he was doing a think piece claming that he was Banksy, the MP asked: "Are you?"

"Who knows?" they replied. "I mean Banksy would deny being Banksy so I'm just saying I'm not Banksy."

Asked what he had been doing last night, Corbyn said: "I'd rather not say.

"I love art and I could well have been studying a bit of art last night, who knows?"

It is not the first time there has been speculation that Banksy has been behind graffiti in north London this year.

After a black stencilled silhouette of a woman smoking appeared next to a red phone box in Southgate Road, Hackney, last month, some thought it might be Banksy’s.

Pest Control denied that he was behind it, and it was later revealed to be the work of street artist DNZ.