Northern line commuters faced chaos this morning after a train’s “sticky brakes” sparked a fire alert at a Tube station.

The incident took place before 9am this morning (March 20) at Tufnell Park station.

Passengers reported that the station had to be shut after smoke was seen coming from a train’s brakes.

One commuter said on X: "Timed my commute well. Tufnell Park shut after reports of smoke coming from a tube train's brakes."

Another passenger on a train at Archway reported a “terrible smell of burning” when they were told to disembark, and guessed that they had been on the Tube directly behind the stricken train.

A TfL spokesperson blamed “sticky brakes” for the incident, claiming this made it difficult to take the train out of service.

The incident forced the closure of the Northern line between Camden Town and High Barnet, although the line reopened before 10am.

The delays caused overcrowding at King’s Cross station, prompting an evacuation.

An announcement could be heard over speakers inside the station, with people told: “Due to a reported emergency, would all passengers leave the station immediately please.”

One commuter said on X that there was “chaos” as passengers rushed to exit the Tube station.

The station was able to reopen roughly 15 minutes after it first shut, and is now open as normal.

There are still minor delays on the Northern line between Camden Town and High Barnet.