Barnet has been named one of the best London boroughs for working families to live in 2024.

Research from Making Moves, London-based property specialists, ranked the borough as the second best place for working families to live due to several factors.

These include low crime rates, high numbers of schools and open jobs, and lots of parks.

The data also took into account the number of libraries, the average monthly rent and the average commute time into central London.

Times Series: Bromley was top of the list of best places for working families to live in LondonBromley was top of the list of best places for working families to live in London (Image: Making Moves)

Barnet also has the highest number of primary and secondary schools across all the London boroughs, with 124 primary and 58 secondary schools.

Job vacancies were also taken into account with more than 8,400 open jobs.

Sally Evans, the director of operations at Making Moves, said: "Being situated in London is hugely beneficial for work as companies encourage office returns."

She added that living in these top boroughs while working in the city provides "an excellent work-life balance".

Ms Evans said: "It's about a short travel time to the office, access to green space, excellent air quality, education, and low crime rates."

The data from Making Moves also highlighted other outstanding boroughs for working families to live.

Top of the list was Bromley, with Croydon, Ealing and Richmond upon Thames making up the rest of the top five.

The other boroughs recognised were Hillingdon, Redbridge, Hounslow, Greenwich, and Merton.