Wembley will become the centre of attention as a forthcoming Netflix documentary explores the “chaotic” events of the Euro 2020 final.

As Covid lockdown restrictions were easing, tens of thousands gathered outside Wembley Stadium to watch England play Italy in July 2021.

However, due to the excitement of the major sporting final and the feeling that normality was slowly returning after Covid lockdowns, the event degenerated into anarchy as fans at Wembley Park turned violent and many without tickets tried to force their way into the stadium.

The Baroness Casey Review, an independent report on events surrounding the final, concluded that events at Wembley Stadium saw a series of ‘near misses’ that could have led to "significant injuries or even death".

The trailer has now been released for ‘The Final: Attack on Wembley’, an 81-minute documentary coming to Netflix.

It promises to tell “the story behind the carnage” and someone is quoted saying “the eyes of the world were on Wembley”.

A preview for the film reads: “The squad had inspired the country on their journey to England’s first major final since 1966, and the European Championship was within their reach.

“But as England supporters arrived at Wembley from all corners of the country, celebration quickly turned to chaos.

“Mayhem took over with scenes of drunkenness and drug-taking, and ticketless fans saw an opportunity to storm the stadium.

“With compelling first-hand testimony and visceral user-generated-content, this is the dramatic story of a day that began with euphoria, and ended in a nation left reeling.”

Times Series: The FA said it would review security breaches at WembleyThe FA said it would review security breaches at Wembley

The Home Office revealed in October 2021 that there were 39 football-related arrests at the home game against Italy.

A stadium spokesperson said that “a small number” of people managed to get into the stadium after pushing through security staff and stewards.

The Final: Attack on Wembley can be streamed on Netflix from May 8.