Now that spring is here with the promise of more sunny days people out shopping or attending events in Wembley can access free sunscreen. 

London Designer Outlet (LDO), in Wembley Park, has teamed up with the British Skin Foundation (BSF) to ensure essential sun protection for everyone, ahead of summer when UV exposure is at its highest.

From this weekend (April 20), locals and visitors will have access to newly installed free sunscreen dispensers strategically placed around the centre.

At hand will also be BSF staff offering expert advice on sun protection and stylish sun-safe attire.

"With thousands expected to flock to concerts and sporting events starting this month, rest assured, LDO has got you covered," an LDO spokesperson said.

Just ten minutes of sun exposure when the UV index is high has the potential to cause sunburn, depending on skin type.

BSF advises that despite cloud cover, a considerable amount of UV rays can still penetrate through, confirming the importance of applying sunscreen whenever outside.

The skin experts' top tips include clothing, sunglasses, sunscreen and shade, all abundantly available in and outside LDO.

They advise using a sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30 and at least four stars for UVA protection.

Generously apply sunscreen (five teaspoons to cover the whole body) 15 to 20 minutes before going outside and reapply every two hours.

Use an SPF30+ lip balm​ and wear sunglasses which carry CE and British Standard marks.

Lastly find shade whenever possible, especially between 11am and 3pm or wear a hat.

Michelle D’vaz-Plant, head of marketing at LDO, said: "Our commitment extends beyond providing exceptional shopping and entertainment experiences; it's about prioritising the well-being of every guest.

"By spearheading initiatives like this with an authoritative partner, we affirm our dedication to a community-first approach, ensuring that everyone, regardless of background, feels supported, safe, and empowered to enjoy all that our vibrant centre has to offer.”

Lisa Bickerstaffe, head of communication at BSF, said that by supplying free dispensers LDO has provided locals and visitors with "one of the key tools to keep their skin safe this summer".

She added: “We know that UV rays can harm the skin, especially when the UV Index is highest in the summer months - that’s why it’s important to prioritise sun safety behaviours when outside."