Enfield people are being asked to share their views on awareness of the area’s flood risk.

Enfield Council has reached out to people living in Edmonton – where over 7,000 properties are said to be at risk of flooding – in a bid to understand their own “local experiences” as well as circulate information on what to do in the event of flooding.

Described as having the “highest flood risk” in the borough, Edmonton has two streams running through it, Salmons Brook and Pymmes Brook. The last ‘major’ incident happened when Salmons Brook overflowed in 2000, flooding the Montagu Road area.

That year, in Edmonton Green, Salmons Brook reached its highest recorded water level of 1.19m, with property flooding said to become a risk whenever levels reach above 1.03m. However, the “top” of this part of the stream’s “normal range” is 0.8m.

Pymmes Brook poses a lesser threat with the highest water level in Edmonton recorded in 1993 at 1.45m. Property flooding from this stream is only possible when levels reach above 2.5m.

The council is now asking residents to complete a questionnaire and attend a community engagement event to “learn how to best protect yourself” in the event of flooding.

The questionnaire is multiple choice and can be found on the council’s website. It includes questions such as “what source of flooding” residents are at risk from, with answers including “river or sewer flooding”.

The council is also interested to know how concerned residents are and their awareness of which organisations manage flooding should it occur.

The engagement session will be held at Edmonton Green Library on Saturday, June 29, from 1.30pm until 4.30pm. The closing date for the questionnaire is Sunday, 26th May.

For further information and to take part in the consultation, visit: Flood awareness (Edmonton) | Enfield Council