Mr Donal Brennan, Headmaster at Ivy House Nursery, describes the fulfilment and joy brought by guiding young pupils through school life.

As the sun rises over Golders Hill Park, so too does the invitation to exciting learning opportunities. Nestled within the walls of Ivy House, lies a hidden gem—a school-based nursery that serves as the fertile soil from which young minds sprout and flourish.

In the nurturing environment of Ivy House Nursery, children take their first steps toward independence. Here, they learn to take turns, say ‘please and thank you’, and share their toys. These seemingly simple tasks are, in fact, the building blocks of self-assurance.

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As Headteacher, I witness these small victories daily—the sparkle in Paolo’s eyes as he conquers the jigsaw puzzle, the triumphant grin on Gigi’s face when she dresses herself as Elsa or Louis' delight when the rope swing in the park takes him higher and higher. These victories are celebrated; they signify the blossoming of confident, capable individuals.

The transition from home to school can be daunting for both children and parents. Ivy House Nursery acts as a gentle bridge, connecting these two worlds. Familiar faces, shared spaces, and the comforting rhythm of the school day ease the anxiety of separation. When little hands take their home bags and skip across the playground, they do so with the assurance that this place is an extension of home—a safe harbour where they are known, cherished, and encouraged.

Ivy House Nursery is a treasure trove of curiosity. Our dedicated staff—Teachers, passionate in their craft—ignite sparks. They read stories about pirates, dragons and distant galaxies, plant seeds that sprout into sunflowers, and encourage children to ask questions that stretch the boundaries of their imagination. In our enchanted space, every little acorn becomes an oak tree, and every scribble becomes a masterpiece.

Life in Ivy House Nursery is akin to a symphony—a harmonious blend of giggles, negotiations, and shared secrets. Children learn the art of compromise during playtime, the rhythm of empathy when comforting a friend, and the melody of collaboration when building Lego. These social skills are the notes to a harmonious existence. As the children learn to share the scooters and take turns at the water tray, they unknowingly develop the skills to be effective communicators.

Routine is the compass that guides our little explorers. Uniforms, assembly, specialist lessons, create a sense of stability. When the world outside feels chaotic, our Nursery remains a constant—a lighthouse in the storm.

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Our children thrive on the familiarity of their day, and in return, they gift us with their unbridled enthusiasm. Ivy House Nursery is not merely a room with colourful toys, bright displays and inviting areas. It is where relationships are established, friendships are formed, and where the happiness of childhood matters most.

As Headteacher, I stand at the gate, welcoming each child, knowing that within the walls of Ivy House, young minds are inspired—one paintbrush stroke, one confident leap , one "I can do it myself" at a time.