The nation’s first champion biscuit dunker has credited his "extensive" training and preparation for his victory.

Simon Girma had to build up a deep knowledge of a range of biscuits and hot drinks for his win in the inaugural McVitie’s National Dunking Championship.

The 35-year-old's dedication to the discipline of tea and nibbles showed when he beat fellow competitors in a series of 'dunk offs' held in central London by McVitie's.

Marking National Biscuit Day on May 29, the contest hoped to transform the traditional, but usually solo, pastime of biscuit dunking into a sport.

The Rich Tea and the Jaffa Cake round challenged contestantsThe Rich Tea and the Jaffa Cake round challenged contestants (Image: McVitie’s)

Contestants were judged on precision, skill, and strategic thinking while adhering to the rules of the game.

Each player was awarded a point per second for dunking their biscuit in a hot drink without it falling apart.

If the biscuit remained intact after removal, they kept their points - if not, they scored zero.

Mr Girma, who lives in north London, was crowned the winner after a series of intense competition rounds, leading up to a sudden death tiebreaker using a Chocolate Hobnob biscuit.

Intense moments included the Jaffa Cake and Rich Tea rounds, which tested the participants' skills and nerve.

The biscuit-dunking champion said: "I’m so proud to be the winner of the first-ever McVitie’s National Dunking Championship.

"It was an amazing competition – credit to all the other contestants who were worthy opponents, but I knew my extensive dunk training regime would pay off!"

Simon said he's 'so proud' of his winSimon said he's 'so proud' of his win (Image: McVitie’s)

Dr. Helen Pilcher, McVitie’s chief dunking officer, led a panel of judges watching over the game.

Dunking is a tradition in British culture and McVitie’s has contributed to popularising the practice for more than 180 years.

McVitie's spokesperson James King said: "As the true original biscuit maker, McVitie’s knows the positive social impact of bringing people together over a cup of tea and biscuit.

"So, let's have some fun, Britain!

"Rally your friends or rivals and become a dunking champion.

"Get training and we’ll see you at next year’s championship."

Citizens are now being urged to host their own 'dunk off' events and share the fun on social media using the hashtag #McVitiesDunkOff.