TV chef Big Zuu went back to his old school to present an award created in his honour for promising young artists.

St Augustine's C of E High School in Kilburn set up the Zuhair Hassan Award - the name his teachers would have known him by - to encourage more pupils to follow their passion for performing and the creative arts.

So it was only fitting that Big Zuu - accompanied by co-host and fellow ex-pupil Hyder Abdullah - presented the first prize.

The winner was Year 13 pupil Rowelyn-Jane Karris, who won the prize for her hyperrealistic pencil drawings.

Rowelyn-Jane said: “When I received the award, I was pretty shocked, purely because I didn't really expect to get any recognition for my art in front of the entire school.

"As someone who hasn't really experienced or received any award revolving around my artwork, this was pretty special to me!

The St Augustine's Zuhair Hassan Award certificateThe St Augustine's Zuhair Hassan Award certificate (Image: St Augustine's High School)

"I think the whole concept of the Big Zuu Award is really amazing since there are a lot of students in the school that truly have a lot of talent and share their creativity through many different ways, and it's important to celebrate and honour them all in a way.”

The awards ceremony took place on the last day of the spring term in March

Big Zuu spoke at all the school's assemblies that day, urging young people to follow their dreams and explore all their areas of interest.

He said: "You never know which of your passions could turn out to be your career."

Big Zuu speaks to pupils at the St Augustine's end of term assemblyBig Zuu speaks to pupils at the St Augustine's end of term assembly (Image: St Augustine's High School)

The future rapper and TV chef, now 28, attended St Augustine’s from 2006 to 2011, studying food technology among his GCSEs.

He went on to win two Bafta awards for entertainment performance and features for his Dave television show Big Zuu's Big Eats in May 2022.

Eugene Moriarty, head of St Augustine’s Federation, said: “We wanted to do something to celebrate and raise the profile of performing and creative arts.

"We decided to call it the Zuhair Hassan Award to recognise the ambition of a young boy who has gone on to do some amazing things in his field.

"We are celebrating his journey starting from his school days. We always welcome ex-students back to the school and like others Zuhair gives his time freely as he wants to give back to his community - we are always very thankful.”