A drug dealer who hid a pistol in an Armani bag and 300 bullets within socks has been jailed.

Thompson Caninhas, 30, of St John’s Way, Archway, was sentenced to nine years' in prison at Snaresbrook Crown Court on Tuesday ( June 27).

Caninhas was found guilty of possessing a 9mm self-loading pistol.

He was also convicted of supplying of Class A drugs, predominantly heroin and cocaine.

Thompson Caninhas, from Archway, jailedThompson Caninhas, from Archway, jailed (Image: Met)

Metropolitan Police officers discovered a drug manufacturing setup in a premises controlled by Caninhas, which included a ten-tonne drug press, various substances, and kitchen utensils used for illicit drug activities.

They also discovered 300 rounds of ammunition of various calibres hidden inside socks in a drawer for use in the pistol and other firearms.

Drug dealer Thompson Caninhas' self-loading pistolDrug dealer Thompson Caninhas' self-loading pistol (Image: Met)

He was caught after specialist crime officers and Hackney colleagues launched an investigation to tackle the drug trade and related violence in Hackney and Tower Hamlets.

Officers were observing Caninhas after he was found to be moving large numbers of suspicious packages.

Thompson Caninhas' gun found in a sports Armani bagThompson Caninhas' gun found in a sports Armani bag (Image: Met)

When officers saw him pick a heavy bag out of his car, they stopped him, and found illegal drugs inside. Caninhas was arrested and a property in Downs Road, Stoke Newington, was searched and drugs and a gun were found.

Inside the premises, officers discovered a room dedicated to the preparation and packaging of Class A drugs.

The room was equipped with tools including the press, a white bag containing separate bags of brown powder and blocks of various substances, and other drug paraphernalia.

Thompson Caninhas' drug headquarters in Stoke NewingtonThompson Caninhas' drug headquarters in Stoke Newington (Image: Met)

Police also found a reusable bag containing brown taped block packages filled with a mixture of non-controlled drugs and Class A and C substances.

“Drugs have devastating impacts on communities and guns lead to the serious violence on the streets of London," said investigation lead Detective Inspector Damian Hill, from the Specialist Crime Command. 

“The swift action taken by the officers demonstrates our dedication to maintaining public safety and combating criminal activity within London.

"To further enhance our efforts, we have also increased patrols in high-risk areas serving as a visible deterrent to potential offenders and reassuring the public of their safety. If you have any questions, please speak to local officers who will be happy to hear from you.”