Here are the full results for the Hendon parliamentary constituency in the 2024 general election.

The Labour Party's David Pinto-Duschinsky has been elected MP for Hendon.

The turnout was 55.4%

Here are the results in order of the candidate's surnames.

  • BAILEY, Gabrielle Louise     Green Party     Votes: 2,667
  • ENDERBY, Clareine     Liberal Democrats     Votes: 1,966
  • GIBSON, Jane     Social Democratic Party     Votes: 139
  • JOGIA, Ameet     Conservatives     Votes: 15,840
  • PALEKAR, Imtiaz     Workers Party     Votes: 1,518
  • PEARL, Joshua Leon     Reform UK     Votes: 3,038
  • PINTO-DUSCHINSKY, David (ELECTED)     Labour Party     Votes: 15,855
  • REND, Ben     Rejoin EU     Votes: 233