I read with some wry amusement that one of our ‘local’ MPs, Andrew Dismore, is supportive of the Government providing more money for security measures at our Jewish Schools. Odd that this is the same representative that weighed into the fight the Council had with Ed Balls MP Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families over parents making voluntary contributions to fund security measures amongst other things.

Oh by the way he supported Ed Balls and not the Council………although to be fair he did go quiet quickly when he realised local parents rather liked faiths schools. Perhaps he realised that The Economist magazine had got it spot on when they felt Mr Balls was treating the issue as playground politics and using our schools as political footballs.

Anyway that bandwagon has left the station considering I wrote to Ed Balls following the ill advised attack on our schools and received a very conciliatory reply back telling me his junior ministers were working on the subject. If the matter was of such concern to Mr Dismore perhaps he could have supported the Council rather than joining in on the attack. Still I suppose we should be thankful the Council’s stance has a new supporter