Supermarket giant Asda has submitted a planning application for a mixed-use development in New Barnet.

The six-acre area on the former Gasworks site, off Albert Road, will comprise a supermarket, shops, 211 apartments, community space and parking.

The controversial supermarket would be in direct competition with one proposed by Tesco, off Victoria Road, though Tesco are yet to submit a formal planning application.

Asda property communications manager Tom McGarry said: “Our scheme is in line with policy objectives and will regenerate a brownfield site.

"The demolition of the buildings, widely agreed to have been an eyesore, has already been delivered. We are now seeking consent to deliver a scheme which will provide employment, much needed housing and an offer of genuine retail competition and choice in New Barnet, helping to prevent the current leakage of trade to other north London centres.

“We are acutely aware of some concerns about the effect of the development on traffic. We have conducted a full transport assessment and will contribute £1.6 million of improvements to the transport network."

Both Asda's and Tesco's proposals have come under fierce criticism from New Barnet Community Association (NBCA), which believes the area does not need another supermarket in addition to the Sainsbury's already present.

NBCA spokesman David Howard said: "We are against both these proposals. Asda seems to be the lesser of the two evils, but we don't need either of them.

"The infrastructure of the area simply can't support the increased traffic flow."

Full details of Asda’s plans are available at