Ahead of my attendance at the local development framework (LDF) consultation later this month, I would like to register some concerns about developments afoot in New Barnet.

I understand planning applications are soon to be placed by Asda and Tesco and as a resident I wish to state that I expect these applications to be considered with the living conditions of residents, both present and future, at the fore.

New Barnet is by no means a ‘town centre’. It doesn’t even have a bank.

The post office it has is being threatened by the proposals I have seen. A second and/or third supermarket would see the area suffocated by traffic coming in every direction, deprive independent businesses in and around the area of custom (East Barnet Village is grossly threatened by these proposals) and give these businesses a stranglehold on a Victorian London district, which Barnet Council is obliged to protect and uphold for future generations.

The fact that so many parts of the borough have already been ruined by short-sighted commercial development should lead the council to reject sweeping, supermarket profit-driven proposals, go back to the drawing board and look at progressive and truly collaborative housing and regeneration plans.

I welcome the council’s initiative with the current consultation plan and hope it will listen and live up to its PR claim that it is “putting the community first”. Time will tell.

Sam Ward, New Barnet