I've spent a lot of blogspace pointing out the problems in Barnet Council. It may seem strange for me to say it, but I actually think most Barnet Councillors are good people who do the things they do for the right reasons. Of all of the Barnet Conservative councillors my favourite is my own Councillor John Hart. This is why.

The first time I had a conversation with him, he was canvassing for a council election. He knocked on my door and got a flea in his ear of the highest order. I am ashamed to admit that I was quite rude to him.

The second time we met, a few weeks later was at a do for the Mill Hill Music Festival. How did he react. He bowled straight up to me and said "Ah Roger, my nemesis". He proceeded to tell me a joke I couldn't possibly repeat here, certainly not one for the politically correct brigade. He then told me what a fantastic welder my brother was and how he'd fixed many a car for him.

He shares one thing in common with me. He's Mill Hill through and through. He's been active in the Mill Hill Preservation Society for years. As an example, at the recent picnic to campaign against the proposed new road at Sanders Lane, he was there. He's been there for all of the meetings to discuss threats for Mill Hill. He has been involved in campaigns to save many beauty spots, important sites and graveyards (see picture). Not exciting work, but he does it. Not only this but he does it with charm and grace.

He likes a drink and he likes a curry. The last time I saw him, he was leaving my favourite Indian restaurant, The Mill Hill Tandoori just as I was entering. He certainly looked as if he'd had an enjoyable meal in a fine local restaurant. Oh and he paid for it with readies and didn't take the bill for expenses.

When my mother was having problems with the council meals on wheels, he stepped in. He then went round and had a cup of tea with her to apologise on behalf of the council. Now I've never asked him why he's a councillor, as I don't need to. He does it because he thinks he can do a good job and make Barnet a better place.

In short he's a thoroughly good egg. Now I've heard recently who's being lined up for the next mayor (I've been sworn to secrecy by my numerous sources) and I think it would be a grave mistake. I urge the cabinet to think again. They have an excellent choice. John Hart.

Here's a few reasons.

1. He looks like a Mayor should (check the picture on the council website).

2. He's not a divisive character.

3. He's a very nice bloke, who buys his round.

4. He's been an active Tory for years, he's earned it.

5. He'd do a great job as mayor. If he can be nice to me, he can be nice to anyone !

6. The team who appointed him would get a pat on the back not barrage of criticism.

7. For the ceremonial role he'd perform his functions superbly.

Good enough reasons? I think so. Oh and in case you are wondering, no I didn't vote for him last time. Sean Hooker, the Lib Dem who he replaced is someone I've been to watch Football games with, so on a personal level I was very disappointed when John won, but if he can be gracious enough to me, then I guess I have to acknowledge he does a good job and is a nice bloke.