Pet owners are being reminded to take extra care of their animals to avoid them becoming injured or distressed during the fireworks season.

As November 5 approaches, Barnet Council is urging people to think about the effects bonfire night has on animals and apply some simple safety tips.

Council leader, Mike Freer said pet owners should follow the RSPCA's animal-friendly firework code to help protect pets this autumn.

Measures include keeping all pets indoors with the curtains or blinds drawn when fireworks are around and never letting off rockets near animals.

They also suggest building bonfires as late as possible and to make a final check for any animals before you light them.

Mr Freer added: "Our trading standards and licensing officers are carrying out operations this autumn to make sure fireworks are sold legally and safely, but often people's pets get forgotten during this season.

"Make sure you heed the tips given out by the RSPCA so that your pets can enjoy this autumn as much as you do."