In response to Geoff Bradley’s letter (‘Clever words may backfire’, Opinion, February 5), I think it is becoming obvious that Andrew Dismore will try to rubbish anything that anyone, apart from himself, says.

In addition to the criticism of Councillor Tom Davey, Andrew recently described my survey of women’s healthcare in Hendon as “ridiculous, outdated and inaccurate” (but the hundreds of responses I have received shows there is a problem); my campaign opposing the emerging idea to split the Northern Line as a “scare story with no foundation” (but I recently met with TfL to discuss the very plans); concerns about the introduction of a shuttle bus at Mill Hill East Tube station as “scaremongering”.

Where Andrew has remained silent is in my opposition to the Government’s plan to introduce fortnightly rubbish collections — I wonder why?

Councillor Matthew Offord, deputy leader, Barnet Council