A Totteridge councillor will resign this year after winning a nomination to stand for Hertfordshire County Council.

Caroline Margo, who was elected to Barnet Council in 2006, will stand down in the build-up to the county council’s June elections in the hope of serving a community closer to her new home in Hertfordshire.

She said that although she would have been able to continue serving Totteridge, standing down was “the correct thing to do”.

“In the meantime I will focus all my energies on Totteridge to ensure it gets the attention it deserves,” she said.

“It’s been a big learning experience to work with some of the councillors in Barnet. It really is a fantastic area and a wonderful borough.

“Some of the committees I’ve been on have been very interesting. I’m quite excited to be working on the planning and environment topics, because they deal with the legacy we as councillors will leave behind us.”

Following the resignation a by-election will be held if two members of the electorate call for it.