A CONSERVATIVE councillor elected to the European Parliament this weekend said today it is "time for change" in the political landscape.

Marina Yannakoudakis, Barnet Councillor and now MEP, issued a statement saying the British public have "resoundingly voted for change".

She said: "These elections were a chance for the British people to give their verdict on their politicians.

"They have resoundingly voted for change under David Cameron’s Conservatives and have given the thumbs down to Gordon Brown’s discredited and rapidly disintegrating Labour government."

She promised to work to make sure taxpayers' money "is spent sensibly" and feels "humbled that so many voters still felt able to put their faith" in her.

"I will fight to cut waste and red tape and will battle for greater transparency and openness in the European Parliament," she said. "It’s time the gravy train was derailed."