A BID to keep a Whetstone nightclub open until the early hours of the morning has provoked an angry outcry from more than 100 residents.

The managers of the iBar, formerly known as the Real Music Club and the Bull and Butcher, on High Road, want to stay open until 3am every morning.

On weekends and bank holidays it would stay open an hour extra, with film screenings, music and dancing thrown into the mix, if the application is approved by Barnet Council.

The change would keep the iBar open longer into the morning than any other drinking venue in the borough.

The news has provoked a huge response from neighbours, with around 120 sending in letters to the committee slamming the proposal.

John and Jose Cronin wrote to the council that the application could destroy the “ambience” of Whetstone.

“Whetstone High Road is not in our opinion an appropriate area for such a venue to operate being closely surrounded by quiet residential areas.”

Other objectors have complained about anti-social behaviour, litter, noise and bright lights, which they feel would be made worse if the iBar stays open longer.

Another neighbour wrote: “We are already disturbed by rowdy behaviour, drunkenness and litter late at night and into the early mornings.

“My wife works as a teacher in the children’s ward of Barnet Hospital, she already has to cope with late night revellers on Saturday and Sunday nights.

“It would be impossible for her to do her (very demanding) job if she were kept awake every week night.”

The venue used to be a conventional pub, albeit with live music, but is now pitching itself as a nightclub.

Sergeant Mark Altman, Barnet Police's licensing officer, has added his voice to the clamour asking for the application to be thrown out.

“Unfortunately this type of operation is more likely to attract problems with drugs, crime and disorder,” he was told the committee.

“A nightclub was never discussed with the police, and had it been I would no doubt have advised that there were a number of significant issues to be considered prior to making any application.”

The council's licensing subcommittee will consider the application next Monday.