BRIAN Coleman's annual earnings should be slashed by £6,300, according to an independent review board.

The Senior Salaries Review Body recommends slicing nearly 25 per cent off the allowances earned by the Barnet Assembly member for his role as the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority (LFEPA).

This would reduce his £25,613 LFEPA wage packet to £19,313.

Mr Coleman, who is currently Mayor of Barnet, is the fourth highest earner in the Assembly, earning £88,997 for his work as a borough councillor, London Assembly member and LFEPA chairman.

Mr Coleman said Assembly members were underpaid in comparison with the Mayor's aides, and claimed those on bodies such as the fire and police authorities were "working all the hours that God sends".

The report also recommended that all City Hall politicians should be prevented from supplementing their pay by working as local councillors or undertaking other public sector work.

Overall, it called on the Mayor of London and Assembly to consider restrictions that could save around £250,000 a year in pay.

Twelve Assembly members top up their basic £52,910 City Hall salaries with around £10,000 from council pay.