THE Golders Green road which has been besieged by teenage X Factor fans in recent days will remain closed to traffic until at least next Tuesday.

Barnet Council took steps to close West Heath Road this morning after fears were raised about the safety of the crowds, who have dawbed graffiti on panels outside the home of the contestants on the ITV show.

The news comes as Mayor of Barnet Brian Coleman says he is writing to the show's creator Simon Cowell to ask for the stars, including Stacey Soloman, Lloyd Daniels and twins John and Edward to be moved.

Councillor Andrew Harper, Cabinet Member for Environment and Transport, said: "I appreciate the nuisance that this crowd is causing some local residents but our priority has to be to ensure that these young people are safe. We have rain forecast for the weekend and I hope that, and the end of half term, will bring an end to the problem.

"In the meantime I trust the fans outside the house realise that this is a residential street and will act accordingly."

The decision on whether to keep the roadblock in place will be reviewed next Tuesday, November 3.

Cllr Coleman, who is also the Greater London Assembly member for the borough, said in a prepared statement: “This whole thing has got completely out of hand: shouting and screaming in the street, graffiti scribbled over gates and fences, and people running out in front of moving traffic.

"Who would want this commotion on their doorstep?

“X-factor’s producers need to recognise their responsibility to my constituents. I shall be writing to Simon Cowell this afternoon to say: if they can’t be good neighbours then they should move to a more secluded location where they are no bother to anyone else.”

However, some residents say they are happy with the contestants living in their street and that the crowd had been very polite.