A BARNET councillor has said the huge crowds around the X Factor house in Golders Green are “part of life's rich tapestry”.

Angry residents have complained about the hordes of youngsters, some as young as eight, who have descended on leafy West Heath Avenue during half-term.

The road has been closed until at least next Tuesday to prevent any of the crowds from being injured by motorists.

Councillor Andrew Harper visited the street today to speak to residents, including representatives of the Chinese Ambassador, who is reported to have complained through diplomatic channels.

However, Cllr Harper said the council had not received a complaint from the ambassador, and has spoken to her representatives who say she is happy with current arrangements.

He added: “Frankly the council and, I believe, the majority of residents, see the presence of the X Factor in the street as part of life's rich tapestry. Hopefully things will get back to normal next week as half term comes to an end.

“I have spoken to a number of residents about the presence of the X Factor in their street, who are pleased that the council has taken action.”