PLANS to publish Barnet Council expenditure online will see “bloggers and leakers on their way to their P45s”according to one Tory councillor.

Councillor Richard Cornelius made the statement in support of plans to publish expenditure on any items over £500, in a bid to make the council more transparent.

He added: “We have nothing to fear from an army of armchair auditors. Nothing remotely frivolous will survive this.”

However, Tory councillors unanimously voted down a Lib Dem amendment calling for a more detailed breakdown of costs to be included in the accounts.

Cllr Jack Cohen, the Lib Dem leader, said: “If they do really mean it they will accept my amendment and include greater detail so the public see exactly they are spending their money on.

“They need to show the public when they go over budget, that's just as important.”

Cabinet member Cllr Lynne Hillan replied: “What does easy to understand mean? How can we have every single item being reported online?”

Council unanimously agreed to accept the plans, which have already been trialled in some councils, and will take effect from the next financial year.