A NEW image of how the River Brent will look if plans for the new Brent Cross Cricklewood scheme are passed has been released.

Developers are promising to rejuvenate and reroute the waterway within the development area, cleaning up pollutants and turning it into a central feature for the extended mall.

Plans will see the riverbed cleaned up and reed beds put in to help take out pollutants and keep the water clean.

Jonathan Joseph, from the Brent Cross Cricklewood Partners, said: “We want people to be able to look at the river and enjoy it as a natural resource, which they can't at the moment.

“The river will be rerouted to make it a central feature of the new centre and we want to take out the pollutants which are pumped in further upstream.

“This runs into the Welsh Harp Reservoir which is a site of special scientific interest, so how it can not have an effect there with all the plastic bags and pollution in it.”

Work will also be carried out along the river channel, which will be diverted through what is currently the overflow car park, to prevent flooding which causes havoc in some area.

The plans were developed with the help of the Environment Agency, who have now given their blessing to the plans.

Penelope Calver, Development and Flood Risk Engineer for the Environment Agency, said: “Early discussions with the developers meant we could find a win-win solution for all involved.

“By working together we created a development which adapted the site for climate change and gave the community attractive recreational space, through the restoration of the river and increased flood storage.”

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