NEW heaters and electrical cooking rings have been delivered to East Barnet's gas cut control centre.

So far 1,500 heaters and 700 hobs have been given out to 1,000 households left without gas after water leaked into the system yesterday.

People coming to the St Mary's School in Little Grove, East Barnet today and last night have been disappointed there were no heaters and cooking facilities as promised.

The National Grid has said a further 1,500 heaters and 400 hobs have now been delivered.

Now queues are building up outside the school for the new supplies, with police officers keeping order.

The company has been compiling a list of elderly and vulnerable people who unable to get down to the school with the help of Barnet Council and officers say these people will get a delivery.

The Red Cross have also been visiting people on the list to check they are alright. However several residents remain angry at the response.

“They've not identified all the vulnerable people because I have rung twice to tell them they've got a vulnerable person and they've not contacted her,” East Barnet resident Jenny Bradford said.

“Violet Pinnock is disabled and nobody has contacted her.

“I've had promises from three people including the deputy leader of the council that she would get a call and have someone to deliver something,” she said.

She added: “This isn't a rare or entirely unexpected thing.

“But it's too little too late and I think the elderly have been sidelined and disadvantaged.”

A spokesman for The National Grid said Mrs Pinnock was on the list and The Red Cross was aware of her.

He said he was sending an engineer around today to see her.

For more information call 0845 605 6677.