SHIVERING gas-cut residents are being asked to ration their use of electric heaters after power cuts left people with no power at all.

180 households in Crescent Road, East Barnet have been without gas or electricity since yesterday evening.

People in East Barnet who lost their gas supply on Sunday are being asked to switch of any non-essential gadgets and be careful about their use of heaters and electric cooking devices such as rings and microwaves.

Ironically the system has been overloaded by residents using the heaters given to them by The National Grid after the gas supply was cut off.

Electricity supplier EDF Energy has said that it is working as quickly as possible to fix electricity in the road.

A spokeswoman said: “Where possible we have reconfigured the electricity network to make it more robust to help with the extra demand placed on it by the significant increase in the use of electric heaters.”

The company is asking people to use heaters sensibly and not heat rooms unnecessarily.

People are being advised to stay in one room as much as possible and to avoid using the electric heaters continuously.

Those with electric cookers should also take round hot food and drinks to elderly or ill people who live nearby.

For information call 0845 605 6677.