WORRIES over gas returning to households in East Barnet still remain as residents hope to keep their supply.

National Grid engineers dispatched from across the country have been working in the area to bring back gas to 150 households today.

Martin Bailey, 39, an investment banker living in Germany was visiting his parents in Crescent Road, for Christmas this afternoon.

He said: “The main worry is at the moment people who have been re-connected have been losing their gas again.

“My parents are pensioners and now we are all so happy to have the gas turned back on. We can at least have Christmas dinner now. It won’t have been easy for many others in this situation.

“The workers have been great though and really friendly. I am impressed by the way they have been working.”

Speaking from the gas-cut control centre in St Mary’s School, in Little Grove, this afternoon, Harry Buchanan, head of emergency services at National Grid, confirmed some households had lost their supply once again after being re-connected.

He said: “Some people who have had their gas turned on have lost it again as large volumes of water has collected.

“The engineering effort will be going on for several days and we will be increasing the number of workers on Sunday and Monday.

“Some people have come down to the school frustrated and abrasive but many are in good spirits. We’re as frustrated as everyone else and want to make sure we get everybody re-connected as soon as possible.

“Many of the engineers we have working today are not local and have left their own families to be here.”

Gas engineer Michael Fitzgerald, 25, from Stoke-on-Trent, worked on Monday and Tuesday and returned to the area yesterday.

He said: “Some people’s gas has gone off after it has been connected but I haven't come across the problem yet. So far I’ve been to 11 jobs of which I have been able to turn nine people’s gas back on so I'm making progress.

“I’ve left a partner and my little two and half year old girl, called Leisha Precious, behind at home.

“People are so grateful for turning on their gas. I’ve been offered all sorts of things from money to bottles of wine. I am willing to stay until the work is finished.”

The National Grid is also offering residents compensation.

For more information call 0845 605 6677 or to speak to staff on the ground 07810 470890 or 07768 953923.

Alternatively visit the gas-cut control centre in St Mary's School in Little Grove.

People are being advised that it is not safe to try to turn their own gas supply back on.

Are you spending Christmas in East Barnet without gas? How are you coping?

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