HENDON MP Andrew Dismore has said he is “amazed” at not being invited to an event to commemorate the holocaust being run by Barnet Council on Sunday.

Mr Dismore actually helped to establish the day when he introduced a Private Member's Bill to the House of Commons asking for the event on behalf of his constituents in 1999.

However, he and his fellow Labour MP Rudi Vis have not been invited to the memorial event being held on Sunday by Barnet Council at Middlesex University in Hendon.

He said: “I have attended every Holocaust Memorial Day event at Barnet since then, whether organised by the Labour or Conservative administrations.

“This is the first year that I have not been invited, and I find it appalling Barnet Council is so insensitive that they would wish to party politicise an event of such importance.”

He added: “I'm not sure whether I have been snubbed because my opponent Cllr Matthew Offord is now in charge of the event, or whether it is incompetence.

“It puts me in a difficult position as it is something I really believe in. I'm amazed I have been invited to the national celebration but not the local one.” He added he was also not invited to a celebration at the Welsh Harp Reservoir last weekend organised by the council.

A statement from Barnet Council said: “The council’s events department deals with invitations to all civic events, including Holocaust Memorial Day. Invitations were sent to all the borough’s MPs, along with many other special guests, by post on 6 January 2010.

“Responses from other guests have already been received.”