THE Green Party's spring conference has kicked off today in North Finchley.

National politicians, council candidates and supporters are expected to participate in the four day event which is being held at artsdepot, in Tally Ho.

Party members have said they hope the conference “focuses on the final push for Westminster” ahead of the upcoming General Election.

Although no final date has been set for when the nation goes to the polls, much of the discussion will be aimed at working towards putting “the Green agenda top of the country's agenda”.

Debates will look at local, national and international policies, ranging from health matters to monetary reform and animal welfare.

Workshops began this afternoon at the theatre, and will be running through until Sunday.

The first panel meeting, chaired by Darren Johnson, chair of the London Assembly, will be held this evening and will analyse the topic of low wages as part of the theme of fairness which will be running across the weekend.

Leader of party, Caroline Lucas MEP, will be presenting her keynote speech in the Pentland Theatre from 10am tomorrow morning.

Candidates for parliamentary and council seats will also gather to being publicising their campaigns to win votes at the next round of elections.

Barnet Green Party members launched their official campaign for representation across the borough in East Finchley last Saturday.