THE Lib Dem bounce failed to materialise in the Barnet Council elections with the party losing all but three seats in the polls.

Only leader Jack Cohen and stalwarts Monroe and Susette Palmer retained their Childs Hill seats with slender margins from the Conservatives.

In Mill Hill Jeremy Davies and challengers Roger Tichbourne and Kim Checchetto lost out as Tories Sury Khatri and Brian Schama joined John Hart, each polling more than a thousand above the Liberals.

Councillor Duncan MacDonald also lost his High Barnet seat to Conservative David Longstaff.

Councillor Jack Cohen told the Times Series: “It's disappointing. I think we were always up against it because the General Election was on the same day.

“The local elections are about candidates who work and have a strong personal vote, but in General Elections many people don't take that into account.

“I'm soldiering on. We're still flying the flag for the Lib Dems in Barnet.”

The Green Party were disappointed not to mount a serious challenge to the major parties in any ward, recording the lowest total in target ward East Finchley.

Residents' Association of Barnet candidates also missed out on any seats, faring best in East Barnet where each candidate polled above 1,000 votes, but lost out to Tories pulling in 2,800 votes each.

The final makeup of the council is Conservatives 39, Labour 21 and Lib Dems three.