A MOTHER has welcomed a ruling that a new inquest must be held into the death of her son in Germany in 2003.

Yesterday a High Court Judge said a coroner must reopen the case of Jeremiah Duggan after new evidence in the case was presented by his mother Erica Duggan, saying there was evidence of potential “foul play”.

Original inquiries into the death of the 22-year-old, who died on a road near Weisbaden, ruled he had committed suicide.

Coroner Dr William Dolman concluded in November 2003 it was “suicide by means of a traffic accident” after he ran into the path of two oncoming cars.

However Mrs Duggan, who has fought for five years to get the case re-examined and received an apology from the Attorney General in January, is convinced his death was at the hands of a right-wing anti-semitic “cult” called LaRouche.

She told the Times Series: “It means a great deal. It's been an additional torture to have to fight through the legal system. No mother should have to get answers this way.

“The fact they are going to be taking a fresh look tells me the life of Jeremiah was valued and the manner in which he died will not just be forgotten or covered over, but we will find out what he went through.

“For the first time there's going to be a coroner helping us to get answers to our questions.”

Mrs Duggan said she hopes the police will also help with the investigations and put pressure on German and French authorities to help get answers about what happened.

She added: “The inquiry has to move quickly, we put out statements naming names and LaRouche is an international organisation.

“I do not just want another court drama and inquest, what I want is an investigation. We're hoping it can get us a measure of justice.”

Mrs Duggan said she is hopeful the inquest will open within a month.