NEARLY 1,000 eBooks have been borrowed from Barnet's libraries since the new service was rolled out in February.

Residents can log into Barnet Council's digital library website and download free software to get one of around 1,000 titles which can be read on devices including some MP3 players, or burned to CD.

Ten titles can be borrowed at any time and after the three week loan is completed they are returned to the library's system so there can be no late fees.

However, each title can only be borrowed by one person at a time, but they can be reserved in advance.

Plans are now underway to add a range of audio books as well as more eBooks to the collection.

Councillor Robert Rams, who is in charge of customer access, said: “Barnet's library service has taken great strides over the last couple of years with significant investment across the network.

“Introducing eBooks is just the next step in providing library users with the most up-to-date and best service possible, making sure Barnet remains one of the most forward thinking authorities.”