THE inquest into the death of Golders Green student Jeremiah Duggan is set to open on Tuesday.

His mother Erica Duggan has been fighting for seven years for a proper inquest into the death of the 22-year old, found on a road in Germany in 2003.

She says there are questions to be answered regarding the role of a far-right extremist group LaRouche, who the Jewish student was known to be associating with.

An British inquest rejected a verdict that the former Quainton Hall School student had committed suicide, and last month a High Court judge ruled new evidence discovered by Mrs Duggan shed further light on the case.

She said: “We welcome the start of a process of justice that will, it is hoped, set a precedent of how human life is to be valued whether at home or abroad.

“The importance of uncovering what may be factors that could be highly prejudicial for the health and safety of the public will be best served if the inquest is thorough and broadly based.”

The inquest will open on Tuesday at 9am at Barnet Coroners Court and will be presided over by Andrew Walker.