A TEENAGE yob has been banned from a Barnet estate after subjecting residents there to “years of lawlessness” with his behaviour.

Ashley Manning, 16, has been barred from setting foot in his home street of Denham Road or any of the blocks of flats and car parks surrounding it.

The teen was handed the ban as part of an ASBO at Hendon Magistrates Court last Wednesday, after four previous anti-social behaviour contracts had failed to curb his behaviour.

He is also not allowed to throw any “stones or hard objects” at any member of the public unless participating in organised sport, throw or drop anything out of a window in Barnet or be out on his own between 10pm and 6am until he turns 17 next May.

Police Sergeant Chris Devlin of the Oakleigh Safer Neighbourhood Team, said: “I would like to pay tribute to the residents of the Denham Road estate who have supported police in taking this action.

“We have appreciated their patience while the Oakleigh team worked on their behalf. I want to assure residents that the Oakleigh team will use all the powers that are now at its disposal.”

PCSO Lee Redworth of the Barnet police Anti social behaviour team who applied for the ASBO, said: “Residents have been subject to years of abuse and lawlessness as a result of this youth’s activities.

“Police and the Barnet council have tried to work with him and attempted a number of different measures to improve his behaviour, but without success.

“When we are faced by those whose action blights a neighbourhood, we will use all the available legislation to support our communities.”