DETAILS of council expenditure will be on the internet by the end of the month.

Earlier this year Barnet Council agreed to open the books as part of a drive from central Government to make local government more accountable.

Councillor Daniel Thomas, in charge of the borough's finances, said details of any expenditure over £500 will be posted quarterly, with the first set due soon.

When asked by Labour councillor Alan Schneiderman at Tuesday's council meeting why it was taking so long, Cllr Thomas said the council had a “complex” accounting system which meant the raw data had to be simplified.

The council will also resist implementing 20mph zones in residential areas, a scheme mooted by the coalition Government to drive down road deaths.

When raised as an idea by Lib Dem Cllr Jack Cohen, transport supremo Cllr Brian Coleman could be heard saying “not in this borough”.

However, Cllr Coleman was accused of blasphemy when he suggested the council would take legal action against the “Lord almighty” over the state of potholes in the borough's roads, rejecting calls for penalties to be imposed on sub-standard work by contractors.