CHANGES could be made to the laws stripping foreign politicians of legal protection after the Hendon MP asked the Justice Secretary whether it put off some diplomats from visiting the UK.

Yesterday Matthew Offord MP asked Ken Clarke whether the Universal Jurisdiction law was blocking the British Government's involvement in international affairs.

The law allows any state to arrest someone suspected of committing certain crimes, for example war crimes, which are committed outside its boundaries but can be deemed a crime against all.

In recent months the Israeli opposition party leader Tzipi Linvi elected not to travel to London to discuss the peace process after opponents petitioned a court for a warrant for her arrest.

Mr Offord said: “I made this a key issue during the general election and have worked to secure the agreement of the Foreign Secretary, the Justice Secretary, the Attorney General and even the Prime Minister to make changes to the law.

“However, we have not achieved my objective yet as there remains much opposition from the Labour benches to the proposal.

“While this is real progress, it is only the first stage in a long process that will enable the real objective to be achieved, which is to focus upon a two state solution for Israel that will cement a peaceful future for the country.”