THE mother of Golders Green student killed in mysterious circumstances in 2003 in Germany says she is “devastated” in another delay in the investigation.

Jeremiah Duggan's body was found on a road near Weisbaden, in 2003 and although German police ruled he had died in a road traffic accident the High Court ruled in May there were suspicious circumstances around it.

The Jewish 22-year-old had become mixed up with a right wing group called La Rouche before he died.

In June a new inquest was opened at Barnet Coroners Court which ordered the Metropolitan Police to re-examine evidence about the death and ordered them to report back next Thursday, September 16.

However, yesterday Erica Duggan, Jeremiah's mother, was told by officers they would not be attending the hearing as they had not got anywhere with the investigation.

She told the Times Series: “I'm absolutely devastated. It's been seven years and still they've got nowhere with this investigation.

“Police were asked to come and report back on how the investigation is progressing, not to make excuses and not attend.

“I had all this hope about the new inquest, but now this is going on and on I can't take it any more.”

Mrs Duggan was in Germany this weekend to lodge a complaint with the European Court of Human Rights against German police, the first time Germany has been taken to that court.

She claims the police failed to properly investigate the circumstances surrounding Jeremiah's death and accuses them of destroying key pieces of evidence including his clothes.

A spokesman for the Met Police said they are investigating the death, but the complexity of liaising with German police means the inquiries are taking longer than usual.