A MILL Hill mansion has been chosen to house the 12 finalists of this year's X Factor.

The £3.5m house, styled like a Spanish villa in a secluded cul-de-sac, has been rented by the ITV1 show's producers to house this year's hopefuls.

Last year residents in West Heath Avenue, Golders Green, were inundated with screaming fans who caused a huge disturbance during half-term, chanting outside the house until late into the night.

This year the producers have gone for a more rural location, renting the £2,500-per-week home in a private road and hiring beefy security guards to patrol the street.

Chief Inspector Simon Causer, who is in charge of safer neighbourhood teams in Barnet, said they had spoken to producers about the location of the house.

He added: “We are aware of the location of the X Factor house, and the local safer neighbourhood team will be liaising with the management of the show.

"The area will be policed as appropriate, as and when any need arises."

Matt Wright, the manager of the local pub, said he hopes contestants drop in for a drink, as many of last year's stars frequented businesses in Golders Green.

He told the Times Series: “Cher is my current favourite, but obviously we don't know who's actually got through from boot camp yet.

“They would definitely all be welcome to come in whenever they wanted, it would be really good if they did.

“It certainly won't do business any harm either as I'm sure we will have a few of the fans who want to come and see the stars through the door.”