A FARMER whose land backs onto this year's X Factor house is worried hordes of screaming fans could ruin his property.

Producers of the hit ITV1 show have chosen a £3.5m seven-bedroom mansion in a secluded Mill Hill street to house the 12 contenders, who will be unveiled tomorrow.

However, they have increased security around it after chaotic scenes last year when teenage fans mobbed a Golders Green street and even scrawled graffiti on the house of the Chinese ambassador.

The farmer, whose field backs onto the house, fears his land could be left strewn with litter and turned into a quagmire by star-struck youngsters hoping to get a glimpse of their idols.

He told the Times Series: “It's an interesting thing to have here, it could be good and bad.

“We've not heard from the show's producers yet and we only found out about it when we had photographers traipsing across the field.

“This is all private land but there are public footpaths that cross it and people don't stick to them. What we don't want is for hundreds of kids to come across here and start dropping litter and destroying the Green Belt.

“We will also have to patrol to make sure no-one tries to camp out there.”

He added he had been in touch with the security firm hired to protect the house and asked them to beef up their presence there.