BARNET Council has pledged a new streetlighting scheme “will be changed” after complaints from residents in a Woodside Park street.

Concerned residents in Lullington Garth wrote to contractors carrying out the light replacement work raising concerns about how the planned installations would affect parking.

Posts moved closer to the curb would have meant a loss of parking as residents are allowed to park with two wheels on the curb.

They also flagged up problems with lamps being moved a few metres, meaning driveways would have to be dug up to run power cables across them and posts located outside bedroom windows.

Last week Councillor Brian Coleman barred the council's press office from releasing information on the Private Finance Initiative scheme to the Times Series, saying it was a “good news story”.

However, a comment from the council released this week said: “ The council is replacing street lighting across the borough as part of a scheme to make lighting brighter, more fuel efficient and safer for all drivers and pedestrians, including the residents of Lullington Garth .

“Our contractor always asks residents what they think before going ahead with works. After hearing their concerns about parking the scheme will be changed accordingly.”