A SUSPECT package discovered outside a Tory head office in Finchley prompted an emergency response from the bomb squad today.

Specialist police teams, along with the fire brigade and ambulance service, were called to the incident at the offices of Finchley and Golders Green MP Mike Freer, at about 10.30am.

Staff there reported finding a glass bottle placed on the doorstep this morning, in Ballards Lane, and alerted the emergency services.

Police said investigations found the object was harmless and the bottle only contained a “rambling note” and a cigar.

There have not been any arrests, but officers are thought to have a lead on who left the package after the note was found to have been signed at the bottom.

Mr Freer, who was at his Westminster office when the incident occurred, said: “The letter was ranting and raving, with threats against me and the Prime Minister David Cameron.

“I do get abusive letters, it's part of the course, but something like this which looks like a petrol bomb is taking it to a new level.

“I can't afford to take risks. We have already beefed up the alarm system and had safety advice, but we now have to make sure we are extra vigilant at all times.”

The Tory MP said his staff were not too shaken by the events but warned they would have to be more cautious in future.

Mr Freer said: “The staff were rather bemused but rather foolish at taking the package in.

“You never think something like a petrol bomb is going to end up on the door step, but we will have to learn and be more aware.”