THE inquests into the deaths of 52 people at the hands of suicide bombers on London's public transport network will move on to look at the Edgware Road Tube bomb today.

Six people, including Colin Morley from Finchley, died when Mohammed Sidique Khan detonated his backpack bomb as the Circle Line train pulled away from the station at 8.49am on July 7 2005.

The inquest, which started last month, has already heard how passengers in an approaching eastbound train smashed windows and climbed through to help the injured and dying.

Khan himself was “blown to pieces” by the blast, and was identified as the bomber after his spine was found under the train and documents, including his passport, nearby.

Mr Morley, 52, was travelling to a business meeting in Kensington and was stood just yards away when the bomb detonated.

In the first week the inquest heard how the blast “obliterated the doors either side” of the carriage and the court was shown a harrowing video of the aftermath.

The hearing, scheduled to last well into next year, is trying to establish the circumstances of the deaths and whether emergency services and intelligence agents could have prevented the disaster.

Three weeks worth of evidence has already been given into the Aldgate blast, and the deaths of people on a Piccadilly Line train at Kings Cross and a bus in Tavistock Square will also be looked at.