YOUNG people are hoping to pick up a few “pearls of wisdom” from the elderly thanks to a new campaign launched by Jewish Care.

The social care charity, based in Golders Green, has set up the Pearls of Wisdom campaign to help bring the young and old closer together, by encouraging them to interact in a number of ways.

An Ipsos Mori poll, commissioned by Jewish Care, showed that only a third of Londoners thought people over the age of 70 were important to society.

Following the survey’s results, Jewish Care is reminding youngsters to value and respect their elders, and to learn from them.

Part of the campaign has involved elderly residents from Hendon, Finchley and Edgware sharing their thoughts and insights, affectionately known as Pearls of Wisdom, via a six-minute film.

The video, which can be viewed on Jewish Care’s dedicated micro site, Facebook page, You Tube channel, blog, and the Times Series website, shows the elderly men and women giving their thoughts on love, life and laughter.

One man giving his piece of advice, said: “Each day you spend leaves you with one less – spend it wisely.”

Young people are also encouraged to take an active role in reconnecting with the elderly by talking, visiting or exchanging skills with them.

Jewish Care’s chief executive, Simon Morris, said: “Small actions taken by many people is key to bridging this generational divide that risks fracturing our society.

“We want to challenge young people to make a little extra effort and engage with the older members of their communities – they will be surprised how much they get back in return.”

To find out more information visit the campaign website at