DETAILED plans to overhaul the dilapidated Copthall Stadium in Mill Hill have gone on display.

Last month Saracens RFC announced a £10 million plan to regenerate the site and make it their home ground, holding up to 10,000 fans on match days in retractable seating.

Fans and residents attending the exhibition, currently in Copthall School, had a chance to see a scale model of how the new stadium would look, including a redeveloped stand.

The plans were also on display at the stadium on Sunday, which attracted dozens of fans.

Details of the travel plan were also on display, including 12 satellite car parks to hold around 2,500 cars on match days.

As part of the scheme people with season tickets would be allocated spaces in certain car parks based on where they are travelling from, to ease congestion in the area.

Transport expert Philip Rust, who is working on the Saracens application, said: “We've had some very positive discussions with schools and colleges and some are very keen to get involved.

“It's really a triple win, as it stops parking affecting local residents, fans coming in will have somewhere to park and transport from there and the schools can boost their income by charging for parking.”

However, he admitted residents living close to the stadium would probably see a new controlled parking zone put in to stop fans using local roads, but said there would be consultation on it.

Mr Rust said there were also plans to open up access to local transport hubs, including Mill Hill East Tube station and Mill Hill overland station, with shuttle buses and improved paths an option.

Tavistock Avenue resident Mark Bull, 29, who has lived in the area his whole life, was broadly supportive after seeing the plans.

He told the Times Series: “I think it's a good thing. Hopefully it will bring a bit of prowess to the area.

“I do worry about the access, though, as we have some narrow roads around here which could get clogged up with too many fans trying to get in.

“I'm not a rugby fan but I would go to matches. The club has a good grounding in Mill Hill and close links to the area so I think it would work here.”

The exhibition is on for one more night this evening at Copthall School, Pursley Road, between 5pm and 9pm.