A WOMAN is warning residents to be on their guard after being caught out by a transvestite con man in East Barnet.

One 64-year-old resident of Gillum Close says she feels “like a twit” after being taken in by the man, posing as a woman called Amanda Greenwood, who knocked on her door on Monday.

She said: “He told me they had just moved in round the corner and needed to put some cash on the electricity meter to keep the kids warm.

“I was suspicious when he told me his name was Mrs Amanda Greenwood as it did really look like a man, but he looked so cold and blue I thought I needed to help him.

“He promised to pay me back the next day, but when he didn't I tried to ring him and go to the house but it was a fake number and he wasn't known at the address.”

The victim went inside, but said she had the forethought to close the front door, and found £8 which she handed over.

She added: “I made him write down his name and address and a phone number, so I thought he was being honest with me.

“I feel like such a fool. I was doubtful but I thought if he was genuine I couldn't let them just go cold, especially as the weather is so bad.

“A lot of my friends have said he could have pushed me inside or used force, so I got off lightly. I just want to stop it from happening to other people as it's not right.”

A spokesman for Barnet Police said a “number” of similar incidents had been reported across High Barnet, East Barnet and Oakleigh wards in the past few weeks.

He added a man has been arrested and released on police bail on January 10.

Police are asking anyone who has been victim of this or similar scams to contact their local Safer Neighbourhood Team on 0300 123 1212 to report it.